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  • Anthony Deighton of Tamr on Why Standup Comedians Are Great Marketers

    Anthony Deighton of Tamr on Why Standup Comedians Are Great Marketers

    On today’s episode of Scaleup Marketing I’m joined by Anthony Deighton, the Chief Product Officer at Tamr. Anthony has 20 years experience in enterprise software, including 10+ years at Qlik growing it from an unknown Swedish software company, to a public company and market leader. Anthony and I talk about his experience building Qlik from […]

  • Eric Schurr on Great Product Marketing

    On today’s episode of Scaleup Marketing, I talk to Eric Schurr, the former CMO of Carbon Black, and one of the best marketers to come out of the Boston tech ecosystem. I was told by a former boss of mine that Eric was the best product marketer he had ever worked with, and I think […]

  • Introducing my new podcast Scaleup Marketing

    Today I launched a new podcast. You’re thinking just what we need another podcast, right? Okay, fair enough. But I’m trying to fill a gap. While there are lots of marketing podcasts that focus on hot takes, opinions, and startups, I couldn’t really find anything that was specific to the challenges I faced as the […]

  • Shall we play a game?

    Shall we play a game?

    TL;DR I started a new job as the Chief Marketing Officer of Recorded Future. We empower organizations to reveal unknown security threats before they impact business, and enable teams to respond to alerts 10 times faster. If you want to hear the why, read on… Let’s face it, the 80s was the best decade for […]

  • On Cambridge Analytica

    Last night I watched the Great Hack on Netflix. Highly recommended. Here’s a TL;DR oversimplification on how it all worked:  SCL Group, the parent company of Cambridge Analytica, created a psychographics-based methodology to manipulate political opinion in developing nations. It worked, and they formed Cambridge Analytica to participate in the US election process. Their methodology was […]

  • Sales Engineers are the MVPs of SaaS

    Sales Engineers are the MVPs of SaaS

    I graduated college back in the mid-90s when a 56k modem was considered high-speed internet. I started my tech career in QA at a software startup called AimTech that created authoring software for multimedia apps. We competed with Macromedia Director, and eventually Macromedia Flash. Through my QA job, I became an expert on our product […]

  • Oh Shit, Now What?

    Oh Shit, Now What?

    Okay let me start by paying off this clickbait headline right away: A couple of months ago I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. TL;DR I made life changes, and so far they are working. Let’s take a step back. I’ve never exactly been a skinny guy. Even back in high school when I was […]

  • There and back again

    There and back again

    Today I started a new job at Acquia, the open source digital experience company. Yeah, that Acquia. Since I left in 2015, Acquia has exploded to over $200m in revenue. Dries, Lynne, Tim & team have done a fantastic job turning Acquia into a digital experience powerhouse. Bigger, bolder, better. My journey back is a […]

  • My 2018 Book Report

    My 2018 Book Report

    A year ago today, I challenged myself to read err listen to more books in 2018. Thanks to a long commute and Audible, I hit my goal. Here’s a quick review of all the new books I read in 2018 (in alphabetical order) with my unscientific rating at the end. Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies […]

  • Bad Bros and Bad Blood: a Summer Vacation Book Report

    Bad Bros and Bad Blood: a Summer Vacation Book Report

    Hey kids: I know you hate all that summer reading you get assigned at the end of every school year. But when you grow up, you’ll discover that reading books is actually the best part of your summer vacation. Here’s what I read on my summer vacation. Brotopia — by Emily Chang I already knew most of the […]