On Cambridge Analytica

Last night I watched the Great Hack on Netflix. Highly recommended. Here's a TL;DR oversimplification on how it all worked:  SCL Group, the parent company of Cambridge Analytica, created a psychographics-based methodology to manipulate political opinion in developing nations. It worked, and they formed Cambridge Analytica to participate in the US election process. Their methodology was [...]

Sales Engineers are the MVPs of SaaS

I graduated college back in the mid-90s when a 56k modem was considered high-speed internet. I started my tech career in QA at a software startup called AimTech that created authoring software for multimedia apps. We competed with Macromedia Director, and eventually Macromedia Flash. Through my QA job, I became an expert on our product [...]

There and back again

Today I started a new job at Acquia, the open source digital experience company. Yeah, that Acquia. https://twitter.com/twentworth12/status/282151641401155586 First day at Acquia in 2012 Since I left in 2015, Acquia has exploded to over $200m in revenue. Dries, Lynne, Tim & team have done a fantastic job turning Acquia into a digital experience powerhouse. Bigger, [...]

Debunking Five Analyst Relations Myths

Analyst relations is easily the most misunderstood function in marketing. I’ve been involved with analyst relations — or AR — for over a decade, working on dozens of Gartner Magic Quadrants and Forrester Waves. I’ve experienced the impact that analyst relations, when done well, can have on growth. And I know how much time and effort it takes to [...]